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Clean Curbs LLC of the Grand Strand provides residential and commercial properties with beautiful, concrete landscape curbing. We will come to your home or business and give you an estimate at no charge. We will show you samples of curbing, custom colors and patterns so you can easily make the best choice to enhance the look and functionality of your landscaping!

Our Process

We are Phil and Kim Adikes. We are husband and wife and we work as a team. This is the most common process for a curb installation. It will give you some idea of what to expect.

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Your curb will last for many years if it was just reapply sealer every year or two The higher the ratio or cement to sand the better it will take sealer and the longer it will look great. If you put a coat of sealer on once a year the color will stay strong and it will look brand new

We mix each batch of concrete on our truck. A mix will giv us about 15 feet of curb. We can generally do 2 houses per day. We like to arrive at our first job at 8:00 and our second job at 1:00. We will be in and out the same day in almost all circumstances.

Kimberly works with each home owner to choose the very best color, texture and pattern for their house. We weigh and measure color to be spot on. We use more cement, release color and sealer than any other company on the strand. Our colors pop, the shine is better and the water repelling properties are better.

Everything do everythng possible to prevent cracking. We use the best machine available to compress the concrete tightly. We use an admixture called “curb gravy” to reduce the water needed.  We use nylon fibers to hold it all together tightly.  We use expansion join You will see us putting our full ts at 36″ or less to direct the cracks to the joints on the trowel.. We use 25% more cement per mix  so it is a 3:1 sand to cement ration to make the sand bind better and repel water. In spite of this concrete will still get hairline cracks or cracks inside the expansion joints.  These will show up within 48 hours of putting down the curb because that’s when  the water leaves and the curb shrinks.  These cracks do not reflect any defect in workmanship. It is not something that any company can warranty wont happen.  If we replaced the curb with new curb it would  likely happen again.

CRACKS – Concrete WILL crack. We don’t like it either but it will happen so we CANNOT guarantee that concrete will not crack, even in spite of all precautions having been taken. If a crack appears, we may be able to assist in the prevention of further cracking. The industry standard for repair or replacement for cracked concrete is greater than ¼” of an inch displacement either in height or gap. Cracks that exceed ¼” of an inch in height or gap warrant repair or replacement. If we determine that repair or replacement is required, we will replace or repair the affected area. Repair of concrete cracks with caulk or mortar will be considered an acceptable form of repair. PLEASE NOTE: Surface or hairline cracks may not be covered.  

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