What We Do

We are Phil and Kim Adikes. We are husband and wife and we work as a team.

This is the most common process for a curb installation. It will give you some idea of what to expect.

01. We get an opportunity

Sometimes a neighbor, relative or friend refers you. Sometimes a lead comes from Facebook, Google or a Landscaper will point people to us.

02. Kim will set up a time to come out

We don’t consider this a sales trip. It’s more like you’re in a restaurant getting a menu to choose from. We will talk to you about colors and patterns. We will discuss the timeframe for installation and all of the steps. We can help with HOA applications or handle any concerns.

Sometimes people live out of town or can’t be there. We don’t like to do blind quotes because:

  • You’re asking us for our time and you’re not giving yours.
  • If you say yes, our next step is to put down curb that will last a lifetime without discussion about color, patterns, pets, sprinklers, parking etc. We would rather go over that all with you.
  • If you don’t want to know anything except the price, we probably won’t be a good fit for you.

If you really want a blind quote, then please coordinate a Zoom call or phone call to discuss what is going to happen.

We are not salespeople. You don’t have to worry about taking our time and having us lean on you to buy. We don’t work that way. We don’t mind helping you find the right solution for you.

03. You will get a quote texted and emailed to you

the same day as our visit. It will detail the work you want done, the color, pattern and special instructions. We will quote you a price. It’s simple. You don’t have to be worried about “up-sells” or added fees. The color, stamps, fiberglass, 3 coats of sealer, etc is all included in that one price.

04. We ask you to approve the quote

This is because our most common question is “When can you come out.” When you approve the quote we calendar you and that date is not going to be “double booked.” We don’t ask you for a deposit, and you can always postpone. Common reasons are: “The HOA hasn’t responded”, or “I’m going to be out of town on that day”. Please do this a few days before so we can fill the time. It’s not a problem unless you call us at 10PM the night before.

05. We call you before the date of installation to confirm a time

If you have flexibility, we can get you in before your projected date. Our crew is scheduled for 4 days a week to allow for rain. If it hasn’t rained, we often give people a call and offer an earlier date. if you want the one you have because you planned around it, no problem. If it rains the day of your installation, we may need to push you back a day or two.

06. Rain

We won’t melt if it rains–but wet concrete will. We are courageous and will put down curb in the morning if rain is projected in the afternoon or vice versa. If it rains on your wet curb and your curb gets disfigured, that is our problem and not yours. We will come and remove the damaged concrete and replace it with new curb. This only occurs if there is a down pour within about 2 hours of the curb being installed. Under no circumstances do you have to worry about it. It’s our responsibility.

07. Installation Day

We get supplies and head to our first job each morning, Our goal is to start the mixer at 8am. We knock on your door and ask you to walk the job with us one last time. We mark your lines with spray paint. We worry about letting your dogs out of the yard, maybe you need to move your car. We let you know we will be hooking up to your hose. We mark sprinkler heads, downspouts, water meters and property lines if they will come into play.

Our mixer runs for 2-3 hours. We mix each batch. It fills up a cart and that will make 15 feet of curb. We then trowel, stamp, cut and clean up each section of curb until we are finished. In most cases this is 2-3 hours.

Our second job of the day starts at around noon. We will call to let you know we are on the way. The crew gets lunch and fluids before we hit our second job.

08. Clean Up

Once the curb is carved and finished, we start a thorough clean up. We put all remaining concrete and the part we cleaned off the curb into paper bags to go to the dump. We wash the mixer, our machines, your street and anything else off with a pressure washer. We capture all the water and then pour it down a storm drain or in a place with grass. If there is any sand left over we scoop that up and take it with us.

09. Final Walkthrough

We walk your property with you to make sure that what we did is what you expected. We don’t mind going over it with you and making any fixes you want. Examples are “Make this wider for my lawn mower”, or “Please leave an inch off at the end for water to run out” or “How about one more Palm Tree Stamp under that window”. Most of the time the concrete is still workable or we can make another batch right then and there.

10. Payment

We have not collected any money until the job is done.  While the crew cleans up, we will text you an invoice.  We don’t do credit cards.  All of our payments are Cash or Check. It’s simple and keeps our costs down.  Our first 400 jobs only had 1 bounced check.  If your buying curb, we imagine your check is good.   So you get the invoice.

11. Final Sealing

We come back a week or so after installation to put a final sealing on your curb. The 2 coats we put on when we install the curb suffice, but the third coat makes the water bead and the colors pop. Other companies offer this as an up-sell, so we include it in every installation at no charge,

12. Additional Services

If you want a landscape service done after installation, let us know. This might be:

  1. Grass removal behind the curb.
  2. Landscape fabric installed.
  3. Rocks or Mulch installed.
  4. Irrigation.
  5. Concrete or paver sealing.

We will either help you ourselves or give you a referral to a trusted source. If we refer you, we don’t take any money from the people we refer you to. We serve you and not them.