Common Questions Post Installation

1.) How long until the curb is hard?

The hotter and drier the weather the faster the curb cures.  You should be able to walk on the  curb the morning after the installation.  This means its ok to let the dogs out, turn the sprinklers on and mow your lawn.  The curb continues to dry for 2 weeks when the center is also as hard as the outside.

2.) We are concerned about the color not looking like we thought it would?

On the day of installation the curb looks very different.  It is darker and the release colors are muted.  In a day it looks much closer to the final color.  Each day after it will get lighter and closer to the color chart.  The color is never a replica of the color chart because the sand varies and each mix is different.  We don’t like adding or switching small segments for this reason.  If after 2 weeks and a resealing you still don’t like the color we can alter it to something darker or paint it.  There will be a small charge for color changes just to cover materials costs.  We hate remove and replace but we have done it when the color is not what we represented it would be.

3.) Do you warranty against cracks?

We supplement our curb with fiberglass and an extreme water reducer to make it much less likely that your curb will crack and if it does, the crack will not separate.  Curbing is a concrete product and if anyone tells you they can install curbing that will not crack they are not telling you the truth. We may get 1-2 hairline cracks on a job.  If there are move than that we will remove and replace big sections.  These cracks show up in the 48 hours after installation. A hairline crack with no separation is better off left in place.

If you get a crack with a separation of more than 1/4” we will replace the section of curb.  Our reluctance to do this comes from two concerns.  The new section may look noticeably different in color for the reasons stated above.  The new concrete will not adhere to existing concrete so there will be 2 different pieces where there was 1.  If you understand these concerns, it is not a problem for us to replace the piece in question.

4.) What if we want you to come do more?

We often come back to add a tree circle, mailbox be or a back yard.  The cost for us to set up and clean up is the same if it is 10 feet or 1000 feet, so we have a $500 minimum.  This is a barrier for some customers so we suggest you have us do it while we are there the first time.

5.) What if I get my neighbors to sign up?

We can offer you a savings if we are doing multiple houses the same day in the same neighborhood.  It saves us money so we gladly pass it on.  If this is for another job on another day, we will reseal your curbs to say thank you and give you a little extra shine.  We don’t pay commissions or referrals.  We price our jobs as competitively as we can and that would just mean adding expenses to the next guy.