How long will my curb last?

Your curb will last for your lifetime if it was mixed correctly.  The higher the ratio or cement to sand the better it will take sealer and the longer it will look great.  If you put a coat of sealer on once a year the color will stay strong and it will look brand new

How long will it take to install?

We mix each batch of concrete on our truck.   A mix will giv us about 15 feet of curb.  We can generally do 2 houses per day.  We will be in and out the same day in almost all circumstances

Why does Clean Curbs have better looking curbs?

Kimberly works with each home owner to choose the very best color, texture and pattern for their house.  We weigh and measure color to be spot on.  We use more cement, release color and sealer than any other company on the strand.  Our colors pop, the shine is better and the water repelling properties are better.